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Our Story

Picked at Perfection began with just a couple small earthboxes in my East Hill Neighborhood yard. It then expanded to what are call grow bags, each containing a single plant, along with 4x8' raised beds. I soon realized this size of beds was difficult to reach and hard to maintain. After watching many YouTube videos to learn the best approaches to planting, the final rendition is my current "no till" system, which uses deep mulch compost laid on top of cardboard, built right on top of the ground. Everything is built in 10-foot segments that are 30 inch wide with a 18 inch wood chip path separation so you can easily reach all the plants for proper maintenance and easy harvesting.


Vision: Help a million people thrive through a plant centered lifestyle where the healthy choice is the easy choice at home, in our neighborhood, and our city


Mission: To reconnect people to their food by helping them plant, grow, harvest and prepare amazing plant centered meals that are macro balanced.




  1. We believe everyone can achieve a high state of wellness and live without pain

  2. We believe the human body has an innate ability to heal itself

  3. We believe everyone can grow and harvest amazing produce

  4. We believe urban farms can be a catalyst for positive change in your community and with neighbors.


Why:  I hate to see people suffer, I love to see people thrive, and there is a Path…

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